Low Voltage MX150 Data Connector Assembly

Low Voltage MX150 Data Connector Assembly #

Pin Out #

Input PinDestination
01DC Chg Positive Contactor Feedback
02DC Chg Negative Contactor Feedback
03Positive & Negative DC Contactor 12V
04Voltage Sensor 12V
06Can LO
07DC Chg Positive Contactor Feedback
08DC Chg Negative Contactor Feedback
09DC Chg Negative Contactor Ground
10Positive DC Chg Contactor & Voltage Sensor GND

Assembly Guide #

The images in this section do not match the same data cable contained in the Junction Box installation kit. However, the assembly information is accurate and correct.

Step 1 #

Begin assembly of the crimped male terminals into the plug housing by making sure the Terminal Position Assurance feature (TPA) is in the pre-locked position

Since the TPA is recessed, the most accurate way to determine if it is in pre-lock position is to measure. In pre-lock position, the distance between the housing face and TPA is approximately .50” (12.7mm). If it is not in pre-locked position, insert the tips of needle nose pliers into the two ‘D’ shaped holes in the center of the TPA. Carefully, pull gently on the TPA until it starts moving. Pull to the first stop.

CAUTION: Do not pull TPA completely out of housing. This may break retention features and result in reduced TPA retention in housing.

Step 2 #

Orient the key on the back of the male terminal with the keyway on the rear of the housing. Insert the terminal into the housing until it clicks and a slight pull back on the wire is met with resistance

Repeat step 2 until all terminals are inserted into the housing. If a terminal is inserted into the incorrect housing, use service tool to remove.

Step 3 #

If using a circuit plug to seal an unused terminal, apply the same procedure as the terminal insertion steps above. Inset the circuit plug until it clicks once and a slight pull back on the circuit plug is met with resistance from the terminal retention feature

Step 4 #

When all terminals or circuit plugs are in their proper location, push down on TPA until it clicks into place and sits approximately .700” (17.8mm) from mating edge of outer housing.

Mating Data Cable to Junction Box #

After mating the plug connector to the receptacle, push the Connector Position Assurance (CPA) feature on the receptacle forward until it clicks or is as far forward towards mating end of receptacle as possible

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Updated on 16 April 2024