Ampere EV Atom Drive System

one system

An EV POWERTRAIN for premium vehicle builds

The Atom Drive System its designed as a holistic EV powertrain, from the new battery cells to the touchscreen controls. It is engineered for drivability, performance and longevity, and includes all of the components needed to simplify the build process – we do the engineering and tuning; and our partners do the installation.  The Atom Drive System has multiple motors to choose from so builders can select the perfect one for their application. Optional advanced upgrades are available to further enhance your clients’ ownership experience. Visit the Engineering Page for detailed information about what makes the Atom Drive the best aftermarket EV powertrain available.

STARTING AT $40,000​

Small enough to fit in European sports car applications, with enough battery storage for most EV conversions and builds. 3 Ampere EV Battery Boxes with 42kWh of storage giving over 100 miles of average range, assembled in-house and featuring –
  • Integrated Battery Management System (BMS)
  • New battery cells
  • Sealed aluminum alloy enclosures
  • UL-94 V0 rated materials
  • Premium temperature conductive adhesives
  • Nickel-plated copper bus bars
  • Fire-retardant potting foam
  • Proprietary hydrodynamic optimized cooling plates
  • HV contactors built into every battery box for the only TouchSafe™ Connection System

  • Tuned for drivability – tested on the track and benchmarked against the best-selling OEM EVs
  • Integrated controls for all of the included and optional components

  • HV made easy with Plug-&-Play simplicity

  • 6.6kW Onboard Charger with Integrated 1.5kW DC-DC Converter
  • J1772 Charging Port with Locking Actuator
    • Level 3, DC-to-DC Fast Charging 
  • NACS (Tesla Plug) Coming in Q4 2024

  • Derale Hyper-Cool Extreme Remote Fluid Coolers with Integrated, VCU Controlled Fan
  • Integrated, VCU Controlled Coolant Pump
  • Includes Coolant Reservoir
  • Includes all Hoses, Clamps, & Fittings

  • Integrated, VCU Controlled 400V Coolant Heater
  • Derale Hyper-Cool Extreme Remote Fluid Coolers with Integrated, VCU Controlled Fan
  • Integrated, VCU Controlled Coolant Pump
  • Includes Coolant Reservoir
  • Includes all Hoses, Clamps, & Fittings

We offer two options for selecting Drive Modes –

  • PDNR Buttons
  • Selector Knob

  • Control & Display of all EV System Functions
  • Full Stereo Functions
  • Apple Car Play
  • Android Auto
  • Navigation


Four optional sizes –

  • 7in (18cm) w/ knob

  • 8in (20cm)

  • 9in (23cm) w/ knob

  • 10in (25cm)


  • Two PDUs
  • One Interior Fuse Box

pigtail wiring harness

  • Complete Wiring Harness:
    • Cut to needed Lengths & Self-Terminate
  • All Necessary Pins & Connectors Included
  • OPTIONAL SERVICE: 12V Wiring Precision Cut to Specified Lengths, Pinned, Fully Terminated & Tested

  • All needed HV Cable Include:
    • 1000V Rated
  • All needed Amphenol & HV Connectors Included
  • OPTIONAL SERVICE: HV Cable Fully Cut to Specified Lengths, Connectors Installed & Isolation Tested for Safety

  • Two Integrated Options:
    • Throttle Pedal
    • Cable-Actuated Potentiometer 

  • 100+ Gauge Options Available to Match Your Vehicle From Speedhut, Dakota Digital and Intellitronix.

  • Modern OBDII diagnostics allow for the use of off-the-shelf code readers and diagnostic tools.
  • Read and clear DTCs, view live data, and more.

Motor options

  • 300 HP/220 kW, 243 lbs-ft TQ/330 Nm.
  • Each Tesla Small Drive Unit is bench tested prior to shipping. 

  • 342 HP/255 kW, 380 lbs-ft TQ/520 Nm
  • Each Drive Unit from Maverick is new and includes an integrated inverter and differential (similar to Tesla Drive Units).
  • Ideal high-power upgrade for direct-drive configurations.
  • Includes a 1-year Manufacturer Warranty.

  • 301 HP/225 kW, 368 lbs-ft TQ/500 Nm.
  • Workhorse in a small package.
  • Cascadia Motion is an industry leader in motors and inverters.
  • Includes integrated oil pump, oil cooler, oil sump and water pump.
  • Ideal for applications that use a driveshaft or manual transmission.
  • Includes a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Optional Gearboxes –

  • Cascadia SR309 Reduction Gearbox

  • Torque Trends Torquebox®

  • 301 HP/225 kW, 368 lbs-ft TQ /500 Nm.
  • Includes an integrated inverter and differential (similar to Tesla Drive Units).
  • Perfect for transverse-mounted drivelines and direct-drive applications. 
  • Parking lock (parking paw) included.
  • Water pump integrated for cooling.
  • Includes a 1-year manufacturer warranty

  • 335 HP/250 kW, 572 lbs-ft TQ, 775Nm.
  • Provides a powerful engine-speed electric motor that is ideal for fitment in vehicles looking to connect to existing transfer cases or differentials.
  • Manufactured by DANA, one of the leading global automotive suppliers.
  • Work directly with our engineers to integrate a new motor option into the Atom Drive System.

available upgrades

Depending on your chassis, our 84kWh battery storage upgrade allows EV manufacturers and builders to double the kilowatt hours and deliver extended range.

  • 6 Ampere EV Battery Boxes with 84kWh of storage giving over 200 miles of average range

Ampere EV is currently the only aftermarket EV powertrain company in North America to offer CCS Fast Charging.

  • 80% Recharge from 20% in About 40 Minutes
    • CCS J1772 Port (current industry standard)
    • NACS Port (Tesla Plug) Coming in Q4 2024

ev high voltage cable connectors

Properly terminating HV cables and wires is an integral part of EV system safety. As an additional service, Ampere EV’s technicians will cut, terminate and isolation test all HV cables and wiring for our customers.

  • Cables Cut & Terminated to Specified Lengths
  • Isolation Tested for Safety & System Integrity

Termination of the low voltage wiring harness is extremely time consuming and there are numerous potential points of failure. Ampere EV eliminates the need for builders to endure this process and have a wiring specialist on staff. We can deliver a custom-length, fully-terminated, and tested wire harness for your low-volume OEM, series production, fleet or classic car/hot rod conversion that is built to your specifications. This service provides time savings and confidence that when each connector is plugged in, your low voltage electrical system will perform flawlessly.

  • Wires Cut & Terminated to Specified Lengths
  • Connections Tested for Plug-&-Play Simplicity

While not every fleet or classic/hot rod conversion may require cabin heat, Ampere EV is aware that most builds will require this creature comfort. This is why we offer a Cabin Water heater as an optional feature. Its operation is built into the VCU and controlled via the GUI or a CAN-enabled interface. The kit includes a 400V water heater, water pump and water reservoir, and is controlled by the VCU through the touchscreen or converted analog switches.

  • Replaces Engine Heat Source
  • Integrated into Atom Drive System VCU & Junction Box
  • Touchscreen Controls

Another comfort feature that may not always be required in some builds, AC is nevertheless expected in series production builds, fleet vehicles operating in hot climates, and in high-end classic car conversions. Our 400V AC compressor integrates seamlessly with our Atom Drive EV Conversion System and is controlled by the VCU through the touchscreen or converted analog switches.

  • Replaces Belt Driven Units
  • Integrated into Atom Drive System VCU & Junction Box
  • Touchscreen Controls
  • Includes fittings & connectors

Ampere EV offers an optional electric power assist steering system that can be added to your Atom Drive System for driver convenience. It is the best option for replacing a hydraulic power steering system on an EV conversion. Our engineers have integrated the EPAS system into the Atom Drive System complete with proprietary auto-adapt steering effort that adjusts with vehicle speed and selected Drive Mode.

  • Replaces Hydraulic Units
  • Integrated to Auto-Adapt Steering Effort adapts with Vehicle Speed and Drive Mode Selection (Ampere EV exclusive)

Our Vacuum Pump Kit is available for EV builds that have accessories typically powered by engine vacuum.

  • Replaces Engine Driven System for Brakes, Door Locks, Vent Controls and Other Vacuum-Driven Accessories
  • Vacuum Pump, Reservoir and Wiring 

For EV manufacturers with customers in extremely hot climates or who specialize in EV racecar builds, our Sub-Ambient Battery Cooling System is highly recommended for ensuring battery reliability and long life. It requires our HV AC compressor option, and routes cold air through an additional cooling loop to hyper-cool the batteries in even the most extreme conditions.

  • Cools Batteries in the Harshest of Environments – Motorsports & High Heat Climates
  • Uses the 400V AC Compressor Loop to Cool Battery Coolant
  • Currently the Only Aftermarket Company to Offer this Feature

a holistic ev powertrain system engineered for manufacturers & builders of all vehicles

Ampere EV combines a robust set of standard features with a comprehensive array of optional features that enable you to deliver the best possible EV conversion to your customers, regardless of whether you build low-volume OEM, series production, fleet, or classic cars and hot rods. Our mission is to cut your production time, minimize development time and ensure the shortest possible installation time so you can build more and make more. Are your ready? Contact us today.