Built with Atom Drive

Premium Builders Trust Ampere EV’s Atom Drive EV Conversion Powertrain System. 

The Atom Drive System is a complete EV powertrain that is engineered and tailored specifically for builders. Below are some examples of what our partners have built with the Atom Drive powertrain.


E.C.D. has been building coveted LS powered British restomods for over 10 years in sunny Florida.

Now, when an E.C.D. customer selects an EV powertrain over an LS engine, we crate it, ship it, and E.C.D. installs it on their assembly line. This has allowed them to deliver more powertrain options without requiring additional overhead and development costs. E.C.D further minimizes installation time by having Ampere EV complete all HV cabling lengths and terminations prior to shipping, eliminating the need to hire an HV cable specialist. Our exclusive TouchSafe feature eliminates the need for E.C.D. techs to wear linesman gloves during installation, further reducing build time.  E.C.D.’s show-stopping 1973 Jaguar E-Type was featured in our 2023 SEMA booth. 


Southfield Classics is a low-volume vehicle manufacturer, and we are working with them on certifying the Atom Drive System to be sold in their vehicles with new-car Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs).

In addition to working with them on VIN certification of their vehicles, the Atom Drive System allows them to provide their customers with modern conveniences one would expect in a new vehicle such as extended range, CCS fast charging, cabin heat and AC, vehicle navigation and CarPlay/Android connectivity, all while retaining a classic look with CAN bus-enabled analog-style instrumentation.

APLFI 1967 FORD F100

 APLFI  is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering and supporting youths in need. It was founded by Black Eyed Peas member Allan Pineda Lindo (, and this Ford F100 was built to raise awareness for the organization. They chose Ampere EV for the EV powertrain after unsuccessfully attempting to build the vehicle using other EV system parts. The Atom Drive System delivered, allowing the vehicle to make its debut at the SEMA Show in 2023.


When The Current Exchange EV Conversion Shop looked for an EV conversion system for a 1989 G-body Porsche 911, they were made a lot of promises, but none of them were delivered on. After meeting us, they purchased a 42kWh Atom Drive System for this classic 1989 Porsche 911, which we delivered ahead of schedule. This beautiful restoration and EV conversion was on display at SEMA 2023, and it features all of the modern trimmings inside of a period-correct wrapper, including a Tesla SDU, Speedhut analog gauges, CCS Fast Charging, and ice-cold 400V AC.

Southfield Classics: "SC4T" Ford GT40 Replica

Southfield had a trifecta at SEMA 2023, and we were privileged to have their GT40 replica build in our booth. This car is designed for speed and intended for track days, and is the first vehicle with Ampere’s Sub-Ambient Battery Cooling system for track vehicles, which is an ideal feature for EV conversions living in high-temp climates. It features a Cascadia IDM-190 integrated drive module and Ampere’s 42kWh Atom Drive system, CCS Fast Charging, HV AC kit, a Motorsports Safety Kit, and Vacuum Pump Kit for converting pump-driven accessories to electric power. Custom Speedhut gauges report the speed, state of charge, motor revs, and battery and motor temps.


E.C.D. Auto Design powers its electric Defender 90s and 110s using an 84kWh Atom Drive System. Like the previously mentioned E-Type Jaguar, we are able to ship a customized EV powertrain system for every Defender complete with fully terminated HV cabling and TouchSafe technology, which minimizes installation time, the need for additional manpower, overhead and development costs. 

This is the second generation of E.C.D.’s EV vehicles, as the first generation and supplier were not able to provide the drivability and easy of installation that the Atom Drive delivers on.

Selectable 2WD and 4WD are on tap and include hill and creep mode in 4WD, and the classic look of the vehicle is kept inside using analog style gauges with analog buttons. CCS fast charging makes quick work of fill ups, and 400V heat and AC are included.


After unsuccessful attempts to work with other EV system manufacturers, Southfield contacted us. This vehicle’s development served as the “trial” for the Atom Drive System’s integration into their program, and it delivered, making it their powertrain of choice for all of their series vehicle manufacturing.

This patina truck features 42kWh, a Cascadia IM-225 with a TorqueTrends® transmission, CCS Fast Charging upgrade, a Vacuum Pump Kit, and 400V Cabin Heat and AC Kits.

Ampere EV Company Builds

Thorough Research & Development, Combined with Real-World Testing.

Ampere EV’s world-class engineers develop and test Atom Drive System updates on the road and at the racetrack. They test every powertrain component and calibration against the best-selling OEM EV for drivability and reliability. To accomplish this mission they needed a few of the coolest engineering test-mules in existence.


The 818 chassis from Factory Five was created for car enthusiasts who want to build their own racecars. It is a highly engineered and integrated chassis and frame that allows installers to mount various powertrains in it. For our purposes, its exoskeleton design made it the ideal vehicle for product development and testing, allowing us to easily install new components and motors for validation testing. Plus, it’s a ton of fun to rip around the racetrack!


Seeking a way to test the Atom Drive System in the real world, Ampere EV looked for the ideal conversion candidate in early 2021; one that would allow them to log miles and test updates while turning heads and capturing the imagination of EV enthusiasts. The DeLorean DMC-12 was the ideal candidate thanks to its eye-catching futuristic design, and because it originally came with an anemic and unreliable original drivetrain. Thus, the Ampere 1 was born, and over the years (and thousands of miles) it proves that there is more life in the vehicle chassis we love through electrification.  

This show car and test-mule features a 42kWh Atom Drive System, a Tesla SDU motor, CCS Fast Charge upgrade, speed and drive-mode sensitive Power Steering Kit, and 400V Heat and AC Kits. 


Learn what makes the Atom Drive System the most complete EV conversion powertrain system available.


The Atom Drive System is the most comprehensive EV powertrain available for building a new vehicle or converting an internal combustion engine vehicle to electric propulsion.