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Unmatched Engineering

Ampere EV’s commitment to high-quality engineering delivers an aftermarket EV powertrain that uses proprietary VCU software for full system integration, with upgrades that our competition has yet to match.

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This is the central commander for all the vehicle’s electronics. Ampere EV engineers spend countless hours creating and testing torque maps on supported motors, assigning safety parameters, programming cooling loops, establishing charging protocols and much more. Ampere engineers have also integrated and validated that all the sub-systems, like powered accessories, work properly. The end result is an EV conversion system that is fully calibrated and tested for safety and performance, leaving the installer with the simple task of connecting the VCU to plugs on the wiring harness.


This is like a fuse box for an EV’s high voltage (HV) electrical system – the one that powers the motor – and it includes high voltage contactors (HV relays), HV fuses, pre-charge and discharge circuits for proper sequencing, and automotive-grade connectors. Ampere EV sourced the very best automotive HV components for its HV Junction Box.

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CCS Level 3 DC-to-DC Fast Charging

Ampere EV is the first aftermarket EV conversion system manufacturer to offer CCS Fast Charging with its Atom Drive EV Conversion System. This option includes a charging controller, CCS Charging port and High Voltage Junction Box designed specifically for the Fast Charging System. 


The Atom Drive System employs a fully customized interface for EV applications designed by Ampere EV. With an android-based graphical user interface, explore a fully featured infotainment system, featuring customizable gauge designs and layouts, custom company branding options, and integrated multimedia controls.

Interface Features:

  • Drive Modes
  • Data logging
  • Charging controls
  • Climate Control
  • Cruise Control Toggles
  • Navigation
  • Apple CarPlay & Google Auto


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The Ampere Battery Management System (BMS) was designed and developed in-house to suite the specific needs of the Aton Drive battery modules. Each board is managed by its own ARM processor and all boards within a system communicate freely with one another to optimize performance across the entire battery system. The BMS auto-identifies one board to act as a primary controller for the rest and handle data communication with the Ampere VCU. Each individual board monitors battery cells through a state of the art Texas Instruments battery monitor chip. 3 chips per board work together with the MCU to relay all the critical data back to the primary controller.

Atom Drive BMS boards also monitor the HVIL found in each battery module as well as control the onboard safety contractor, only energizing the battery module when all systems are connected properly.


Ampere EV’s Battery system was designed in-house and is comprised of battery modules with a proprietary integrated Battery Management System (BMS). Three battery modules make up a 42-kWh battery pack, with up to 6 modules available for 84 kWh. Each module is only 29.5” long x 20” deep x 6” wide (75cm x 51cm x 15.25cm), allowing designs that place them throughout a vehicle’s chassis for optimum fitment and weight distribution. Ampere EV uses new battery cells and assembles its modules at its factory, using a sealed aluminum alloy enclosure, premium temperature resistant adhesives, nickel-plated copper busbars, fire-retardant potting foam, and a proprietary cooling plate that allows coolant to extract maximum heat from the batteries when flowing through the heat exchanger.

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BATTERY Thermal Management SYSTEM

Batteries are sensitive to extreme hot and cold temperatures, and operate best in a narrow temperature range. Ampere EV ensures the best performance and battery life with a standard heater and cooling loop that uses a proprietary, hydrodynamic optimized cooling plate in the battery modules to ensure stable temperatures. This calibration work is performed in-house and controlled through the VCU.

MOTOR, INVERTER & Charger Thermal Management SYSTEM

High Voltage electrical transmissions generate high heat, so keeping motor, inverter (the motor’s electronic controller), and charger temps in check is critical to ensuring long life for these components. Ampere EV accomplishes this by supplying an ambient cooling system specifically designed for the motor, inverter, and charger, which is controlled by the VCU. 


Extreme heat can reduce battery performance by up to 31%, which makes Ampere EV’s Sub-Ambient Battery Cooling for the Atom Drive EV System the ultimate upgrade for track cars and vehicles that reside in hot climates. Active cooling works by utilizing the car’s AC system to chill the battery coolant through a heat exchanger. the Atom Drive VCU monitors battery temperatures and controls the system’s AC compressor and flow valves, cooling the batteries below ambient temperature. Other advantages to active battery cooling include improved charging performance and better sustained track performance.


Ampere EV has developed a turn-key package to ensure track-day compliance. The company’s Motorsports Safety Kit includes an external safety light to alert track safety crews of a ground fault in the vehicle’s high voltage system, a manual master cutoff switch for the battery pack, and an emergency responder loop, which is similar to a cut-cord for disabling the battery system.


Ampere EV is constantly improving the Atom Drive System by adding new features and updates. New hardware options, high performance options, accessories, and software upgrades are all contribute to the ever growing suite of Atom Drive System features and configurations.


Depending on your chassis, our 84kWh battery storage upgrade allows EV manufacturers and builders to double the kilowatt hours and deliver extended range.

Ampere EV’s 84 kWh Battery Pack adds three more battery modules to bring the total module count of the battery pack to six, delivering over 200 miles of range.

High Voltage Cable Fully Terminated

Properly terminating HV cables and wires is an integral part of EV system safety. As an additional service, Ampere EV’s technicians will cut, terminate and isolation test all HV cables and wiring for our customers.


Termination of the low voltage wiring harness is extremely time consuming and there are numerous potential points of failure. Ampere EV eliminates the need for builders to endure this process and have a wiring specialist on staff. We can deliver a custom-length, fully-terminated, and tested wire harness for your low-volume OEM, series production, fleet or classic car/hot rod conversion that is built to your specifications. This service provides time savings and confidence that when each connector is plugged in, your low voltage electrical system will perform flawlessly.


While not every fleet or classic/hot rod conversion may require cabin heat, Ampere EV is aware that most builds will require this creature comfort. This is why we offer a Cabin Water heater as an optional feature. Its operation is built into the VCU and controlled via the GUI or a CAN-enabled interface. The kit includes a 400V water heater, water pump and water reservoir, and is controlled by the VCU through the touchscreen or converted analog switches.


Another comfort feature that may not always be required in some builds, AC is nevertheless expected in series production builds, fleet vehicles operating in hot climates, and in high-end classic car conversions. Our 400V AC compressor integrates seamlessly with our Atom Drive EV Conversion System and is controlled by the VCU through the touchscreen or converted analog switches.


While manual steering may be welcomed in certain classic EV conversions or fleet EV conversions, Ampere EV offers an optional electric power assist steering system that can be added to your Atom Drive EV Conversion System for driver convenience. It is also a great option for replacing a hydraulic power steering system. Our engineers have integrated the EPAS system into the Atom Drive System complete with auto-adapt steering effort that adjusts with vehicle speed and selected Drive Mode.


Our Vacuum Pump Kit is available for EV conversion builders who specialize in classic car/hot rod conversions that have accessories typically powered by engine vacuum, and for series production manufacturers and fleet conversion builders who want to retain an existing AC system and prefer this method of integration.


The Atom Drive System is the most comprehensive EV powertrain available for building a new vehicle or converting an internal combustion engine vehicle to electric propulsion.