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Atom Drive Battery Module

Atom Drive Battery Module

Converting an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) into an Electric Vehicle (EV) can be enjoyable and rewarding; however, one of the biggest headaches can be sourcing batteries and building battery packs for your build. Most EV conversions today repurpose used batteries from salvage vehicles or require building complex custom battery enclosures and handling dangerous high voltage.

The Atom Drive Battery Module is a fully modular battery pack designed and built in-house by Ampere EV. All components are 100% new and not recycled from production EVs. Every detail has been engineered to reduce space, increase thermal efficiency, and maximize safety. The Atom Drive Battery Module makes installing high voltage batteries easier, safer, and cheaper than ever before!

Finding space to mount your battery system is one of the most challenging parts of an EV conversion. The Atom Drive Battery Module was designed to be compact and modular. The cell-to-pack design forgoes the traditional battery sub-module to achieve increased energy density. Each module stores 14 kWh of energy and only weighs 182 lbs which comes in around 7% lighter than a standard Tesla battery. The modular design allows for easier to mounting due to of its three smaller modules being able to be stacked vertically, horizontally, or remote mounted in entirely separate locations throughout the vehicle.

Heat is the number one enemy for a battery. Part of the Battery Module’s exceptional thermal performance comes from its asymmetric regression cooling plate. Its unique design was driven by computational fluid dynamics optimization. Water flow channels are engineered to balance pressure drop, temperature distribution, and heat transfer. This allows coolant to extract as much heat as possible when flowing through the heat exchanger.

Atom Drive battery modules are assembled in house by the Ampere EV engineers and technicians. The cells themselves are bonded to one another with an EV specific 2-part thermal epoxy and nickel-plated copper bus bars are laser welded to join the cells into cell groups. Each group is then bonded into the module and all air gaps around the cells are potted with a fire-retardant self-extinguishing foam.

The health of individual cells in every pack is monitored with a custom Battery Management System (BMS) integrated into every module. The BMS was developed in-house at Ampere EV utilizing fully custom circuit boards and bespoke software. With the BMS, the battery module can communicate real-time individual cell information to the Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) insuring performance, longevity, and safety.

All the components used are UL94 V-0 or better, which is the best possible rating for a material’s burn rate and ability to self-extinguish. TouchSafe Connections are used in the battery module and throughout the Atom Drive System. This is made possible by integrated contactors that disconnect the external connectors from high voltage if the system is not fully connected and in a normal operational state. These features make the Atom Drive Battery Module one of the safest packs on the market for both installers and users alike!

Ultimate plug and play compatibility is the overall goal of the Atom Drive System from Ampere EV. It is a one-stop solution for enthusiasts and conversion companies looking for a comprehensive EV conversion kit or universal components to supplement what they already have. The system is designed for ease of use, safety, and compatibility, expanding the possibilities for EV conversion projects.

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