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New High Voltage Junction Box, Taking Orders Now!

Multiple junction boxes assembled.

Bringing a new level of quality to the Plug-N-Play Electric Vehicle (EV) Conversion Market, Ampere EV is announcing that its High Voltage Junction Box is now available for customer orders. The HVJB-5-400, Atom Drive Junction Box, is a feature dense junction box designed in-house at Ampere EV for space efficient high voltage power distribution in an electric vehicle. The Atom Drive Junction Box is engineered to OEM-level quality and its compact footprint makes it a great option when space is limited.

Key features on the Atom Drive Junction Box include integrated traction pack fusing, fused high voltage accessory ports, main contactor, high voltage precharge circuit, high voltage discharge circuit, and integrated high voltage interlock loop. This allows a single HVJB-5-400 to power five high voltage accessories and one motor or other high-power component.

Safety is Ampere EV’s top priority! Every junction box is built with quality components that have been designed or selected to meet or exceed the junction box’s performance specifications. Every high voltage connection in the HVJV-5-400 is equipped with built-in interlock connections that can be monitored to detect a break in the high voltage circuit. High voltage precharge and discharge circuits are integrated to provide the ability to safely power up and power down the vehicle’s high voltage electrical system.

Every high voltage connection is fused, and a negative contactor provides the ability to shut off the high voltage outputs from the battery. Main power distribution within the junction box is provided by nickel-plated copper bussing that is corrosion resistant and capable of high continuous current. The junction box enclosure and all electrical connections meet IP67 requirements for water and dust intrusion, meaning it is suitable for use in nearly any vehicle environment.

The HVJV-5-400 is one of many innovative products that make up Ampere EV’s Atom Drive System. “We are super excited to finally be bringing this product to market!” Said company CEO Matt White, “These kits are going to help simplify the EV conversion market. After showing at SEMA last year and talking with other industry professionals, we are confident in our product’s potential as we start rolling them out over the next few months.”

The full Atom Drive system launch is coming soon and the team at Ampere EV cannot wait to share it! HVJB-5-400 units are now in production and are available to end-users for $2499 each. The first orders can ship this week! Orders are currently being processed in the order received. Bulk pricing is available for resellers. To learn more, please reach out to info@ampereev.com.

Aaron Almaraz

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