Faults #

Fault Lights #

GML – General Malfunction Light

MIL – Malfunction Indicator Light

(Powertrain Error)

Low Battery Power

HV Warning – High Voltage Warning


Limp Mode #

Vehicle will be limited to roughly 20 MPH and have reduced motor torque. Limp mode is intended to get the vehicle and the driver to a safe place to stop and should not be driven in limp mode for extended periods of time.

Vehicle Disable #

If any faults cause a serious problem that may endanger the vehicles occupants or the car itself, the vehicle may be disabled. Level 1 disable (most common) turns the car off after it has come to a stop. Level 2 disable immediately turns the car off (ex. in the event of a wreck). Some faults may cause only the drive motor inverter to be disabled.

Download Excel File Below #

Fault Codes #

Fault NameBrief DescriptionTroubleshootingGMLMILLow PowerHV WarningOverheatLimp ModeDisables Vehicle
ACCCommErrorAC Compressor CAN ErrorX
ACCFaultAC compressor General FaultX
ACCOpnShrtHigh voltage shortX
ACCOverCurrAC compressor over currentX
ACCOverTempAC compressor over heatingIf  the AC is running, Make sure system is fully chargedX
ACCOverVoltAC compressor voltage too highX
ACCUnderVoltAC compressor voltage too lowX
ACPressInpHiAC pressure sensor voltage highCheck ac pressure sensor wiringX
ACPressInpLoAC pressure sensor voltage lowCheck ac pressure sensor wiringX
AmbientAirTempInpHiAmbient air temp sensor highX
AmbientAirTempInpLoAmbient air temp sensor lowX
AmpereBMSBatt_Aux1MsgTimeoutCAN message timeoutCheck CAN wiring to BMSXX
AmpereBMSBatt_Cell_DetailMsgTimeoutCAN message timeoutCheck CAN wiring to BMSXX
AmpereBMSBatt_ConfigMsgTimeoutCAN message timeoutCheck CAN wiring to BMSX
AmpereBMSBatt_ContactorMsgTimeoutCAN message timeoutCheck CAN wiring to BMSXX
AmpereBMSBatt_CurrentMsgTimeoutCAN message timeoutCheck CAN wiring to BMSXX
AmpereBMSBatt_OCVMsgTimeoutCAN message timeoutCheck CAN wiring to BMSXX
AmpereBMSBatt_Temp1MsgTimeoutCAN message timeoutCheck CAN wiring to BMSXX
AmpereBMSBatt_Temp2MsgTimeoutCAN message timeoutCheck CAN wiring to BMSXX
AmpereBMSBatt_V_DetailMsgTimeoutCAN message timeoutCheck CAN wiring to BMSXX
AmpereBMSBatt_VoltageMsgTimeoutCAN message timeoutCheck CAN wiring to BMSXX
AmpereBMSLifetime_StatsMsgTimeoutCAN message timeoutCheck CAN wiring to BMSX
APP1InpHiThrottle pedal potentiometer voltage highX
APP1InpLoThrottle pedal potentiometer voltage lowX
APP2InpHiThrottle pedal potentiometer voltage highX
APP2InpLoThrottle pedal potentiometer voltage lowX
APPXChkdisagreement between throttle potentiometers Check wiring + replaceX
BattCellTempAvgHiBattery average temperature is highCheck cooling system + approved conditionsREDXX
BattCellTempAvgLoBattery average temperature is lowCheck cooling system + approved conditions + heaterX
BattCellTempMnLoMin battery temp lowCheck battery heaterX
BattCellTempMxHiMax battery temp highCheck cooling system + approved conditions  X
BattCellTempMxHiLv1Max battery temp very highCheck cooling system + approved conditions  REDX
BattCellTempMxHiLv2Max battery temp critically highCheck cooling system + approved conditions  XX
BattCellVoltMnLoMin battery voltage lowCheck with ampere EVXX
BattCellVoltMxHiMax battery voltage highCheck with ampere EVXX
BattCurrHiBattery current draw is higer than allowedCheck HV wiring, check with ampere evXLevel 2
BattFaultGeneral FaultX
BattHeaterOpnShrtBattery heater circuit openCheck VCU wiringX
BattHtrCANTimeoutCAN timeoutX
BattHtrCoreShortBattery heater core shortXX
BattHtrDrvVoltAbBattery Heater 12 volt signal abnormalXX
BattHtrFaultBattery heater general faultX
BattHtrHighVoltAbBattery heater high voltage abnormalXX
BattHtrHighVoltRevBattery heater high voltage reversedXX
BattHtrIGBTBrkdwnBattery heater temp sensor failingX
BattHtrIGBTOverTempBattery heater temp sensor over heatingX
BattHtrIGBTTempSnsOpnBattery heater temp sensor circuit open
BattHtrIGBTTempSnsShortBattery heater temp sensor short
BattHtrLowFlowBattery heater not flowing enough waterCheck water pump and coolant hoses
BattHtrOutTempSnsOpenBattery heater out temp sensor open circuit
BattHtrOutTempSnsShortBattery heater out temp sensor short
BattHtrOverCurrBattery heater current is higher than allowedX
BattHtrOverTempBattery heater over heat
BattHtrRoadOpenBattery heater PTC failure
BattHVILFaultBattery High Voltage Interlock faultCheck module specific faults + wiringXLevel 2
BattLowSOCBattery level low
BattLowVoltBattery voltage lowREDXX
BattPmpCommFailCAN message failX
BattPmpDryRunProtecBattery pump dryCheck coolant systemX
BattPmpFaultBattery pump general faultX
CAN message timeoutX
BattPmpLockedRotorBattery pump rotor lockedX
BattPmpOverVoltBattery pump voltage too highX
BattPmpOvrCurrBattery pump current higher than allowedX
BattPmpTempProtecBattery pump tempature too highX
BattPmpUnderVoltBattery pump voltage too lowX
BattWakeOpnShrtBattery wake circuit openCheck VCU wiringX
BattWPTCTransmitMsgTimeoutCAN message timeoutX
BenlingECC_ResponseMsgTimeoutAC CAN message timeoutX
BM_PKP_TX_message1MsgTimeoutShifter CAN message timeout
BM_PKP_TX_message249MsgTimeoutShifter CAN message timeoutX
BrkLightOpnShrtBrake light circuit openCheck VCU wiringX
BrkVacuumPmpOpnShrtBrake vacuum pump circuit openCheck VCU wiringX
BrkVacuumPressInpHiBrake vacuum pressure input highX
BrkVacuumPressInpLoBrake vacuum pressure input lowX
CabHeaterHVACOpnShrtCabin heater circuit openCheck VCU wiringX
CabHtrCANTimeoutCabin heater CAN message timeoutX
CabHtrCoreShortCabin heater core shortX
CabHtrDrvVoltABCabin heater 12 volt signal abnormalX
CabHtrFaultCabin heater general faultX
CabHtrHighVoltAbCabin heater high voltage abnormalX
CabHtrHighVoltRevCabin heater high voltage reversedcheck wiring and ensure polarity of connector is correctX
CabHtrlGBTBrkdwnCabin heater temp sensor failing
CabHtrlGBTOverTempCabin heater temp sensor over heating
CabHtrlGBTTempSnsOpnCabin heater temp sensor circuit open
CabHtrlGBTTempSnsShortCabin heater temp sensor short
CabHtrLowFlowCabin heater not flowing enough waterCheck water pumps and coolant hoses
CabHtrOutTempSnsOpenCabin heater output temp sensor circuit open
CabHtrOutTempSnsShortCabin heater output temp sensor short
CabHtrOverCurrCabin heater current is higher than allowedX
CabHtrOverTempCabin heater over heating
CabHtrRoadOpenCabin heater PTC failure
CabinWPTCTransmitMsgTimeoutCabin heater CAN message timeoutX
CAN1BusPassivepassive wiring faultCheck for CAN wiring issues X
CAN2BusPassivepassive wiring faultCheck for CAN wiring issues X
CAN3BusPassivepassive wiring faultCheck for CAN wiring issues X
ChgPortDCVoltHiCharge port DC voltage too high
ChgPortLckOutMtrFltCharge port lock out motor general faultX
ChgrPortPlgLckOut0FltCharge port lock out motor fault 0
ChrgPortPlgLckOut1Fltcharge port lock out motor fault 1
DCChgCntrsOpnShrtDC Charging contactors circuit openCheck VCU wiringXX
DCChgNegCntrXChkContactor feedback does not match comanded stateCheck contactor wiring to CCS box, consult Ampere EV
DCChgPosCntrXChkContactor feedback does not match comanded stateCheck contactor wiring to CCS box, consult Ampere EV
DCDCAbDevTempDC-DC converter is over heatingCheck cooling system
DCDCAbVoltInputDC-DC converter has abnormal voltage input from Junction BoxCheck HV wiring
DCDCCommStatusDC-DC converter CAN error
DCDCFaultDC-DC connector general faultXX
DCDCVoltOutOVRUNDRDC-DC converter voltage out over or under expected voltage
DCDCWakeOpnShrtDC-DC converter wake signal circuit openCheck VCU wiringX
DCDCWorkStatusDC-DC work status does not match comanded state
DCPlugTempSns1FltCCS charge port over heat
DCPlugTempSns2FltCCS charge port over heat
DisplayDashControl_CCVS1MsgTimeoutCAN message timeoutX
DisplayDashControl_HVACMsgTimeoutCAN message timeoutX
DisplayDashControl_LCMDMsgTimeoutCAN message timeoutX
DisplayDashControl_VDCTRMsgTimeoutCAN message timeoutX
DisplayDashGUI_SettingsMsgTimeoutCAN message timeoutX
DisplayDashRlyOpnShrtDisplay circuit openCheck VCU wiringX
DrvInvtrCntrOpnShrtDrive inverter contactor circuit openCheck VCU wiringX
DrvIntvrTmpHiDrive inverter temp highXX
DrvIntvrTmpHiLv1Drive inverter temp very highREDX
DrvIntvrTmpHiLv2Drive inverter temp critically highInverter Disable
DrvMtrTmpHiDrive motor temp highXX
DrvMtrTmpHiLv1Drive motor temp very highREDX
DrvMtrTmpHiLv2Drive motor temp critically highInverter Disable
DrvMtrTrqHiTorque output does not match requestXInverter Disable
DrvMtrTrqLoTorque output does not match requestX
DRVPVoltHi12 volt voltage high X
DRVPVoltLo12 volt voltage lowX
EstopThe Emergency stop was pressedXLevel 2
Fan1OpnShrtFan 1 circuit openCheck VCU wiringX
Fan2OpnShrtFan 2 circuit openCheck VCU wiringX
HVBusIsoLoLevel1Falls bellow 600XX
HVBusIsoLoLevel2Falls bellow 500XLevel 2
HVBusVoltHiHigh voltage bus voltage highX
HVBusVoltXChkHV bus voltage does not match between battery and vehicleXX
HVDschgCntrOpnShrtHigh voltage discharge contactor circuit openCheck VCU wiringXX
HVDschgCntrXChkContactor state does not match requested stateX
HVDschgFaultHigh voltage discharge general faultX
HVIL1XChkHigh voltage interlock Junction Box XLevel 2
HVIL2XChkHigh voltage Interlock CCS junction BoxXLevel 2
MainNegCntrOpnShrtMain negative contactor circuit openCheck VCU to PDU wiringXX
MainNegCntrXChkMain negative contactor does not match comanded stateXX
MainPosCntrXChkMain positive contactor does not match comanded state
MainPreChgCntrOpnShrtMain pre-charge contactor circuit openCheck VCU to PDU wiringXX
MainPreChgFaultMain pre-charge general faultXX
Mod1HVIL1FaultModule 1 High Voltage Interlock Fault Input connector
Mod1HVIL2FaultModule 2 High Voltage Interlock Fault output connector 
Mod2HVIL1FaultModule 2 High Voltage Interlock Fault Input connector
Mod2HVIL2FaultModule 2 High Voltage Interlock Fault output connector
Mod3HVIL1FaultModule 3 High Voltage Interlock Fault Input connector
Mod3HVIL2FaultModule 3 High Voltage Interlock Fault output connector
Mod4HVIL1FaultModule 4 High Voltage Interlock Fault Input connector
Mod4HVIL2FaultModule 4 High Voltage Interlock Fault output connector
Mod5HVIL1FaultModule 5 High Voltage Interlock Fault Input connector
Mod5HVIL2FaultModule 5 High Voltage Interlock Fault output connector
Mod6HVIL1FaultModule 6 High Voltage Interlock Fault Input connector
Mod6HVIL2FaultModule 6 High Voltage Interlock Fault output connector
MtrPmpCANTimeoutMotor pump CAN message timeoutX
MtrPmpFaultMotor pump general faultREDX
MtrPmpHBSHState_FeedbackMsgTimeoutMotor pump CAN message timeoutREDX
MtrPmpIdleProtecMotor pump Idle protection
MtrPmpLockedRotorMotor pump rotor locked
MtrPmpOverTempMotor pump over heating
MtrPmpOverVoltMotor pump voltage too high
MtrPmpOvrCurrMotor pump current is higher than allowed
MtrPmpUnderVoltMotor pump voltage too low
057TeslaSDU057_DI_maxTMsgTimeoutTesla motor CAN message timeoutX
057TeslaSDU057_DI_temperature2MsgTimeoutTesla motor CAN message timeoutX
057TeslaSDU057_DI_temperatureMsgTimeoutTesla motor CAN message timeoutX
057TeslaSDU057_generalStatesMsgTimeoutTesla motor CAN message timeoutX
057TeslaSDU057_HVLVdataMsgTimeoutTesla motor CAN message timeoutX
057TeslaSDU057_inputAckMsgTimeoutTesla motor CAN message timeoutX
057TeslaSDU057_inConfigsMsgTimeoutTesla motor CAN message timeoutX
057TeslaSDU057_powerData2MsgTimeoutTesla motor CAN message timeoutX
057TeslaSDU057_powerDataMsgTimeoutTesla motor CAN message timeoutX
057TeslaSDU057_speedDataMsgTimeoutTesla motor CAN message timeoutX
057TeslaSDU057_torquePowerDataMsgTimeoutTesla motor CAN message timeoutX
OffBoardChgrIsoFaultOff board charger isolation faultX
OnBoardChgrCommStateOn board charger CAN error
OnBoardChgrFaultOn board charger general faultXCharge Disable
OnBoardChgrHardFailOn board charger hard fail
OnBoardChgrInptVoltOn board charger input voltage does not match expected voltage
OnBoardChgrOverTempOn board charger is over heated
OnBoardChgrStartStateOn board charger start state error
OvartechDCDC_InfoFrameMsgTimeoutCAN message timeoutX
OvartechOutputsMsgTimeoutCAN message timeoutX
PDU2Rlu8OpnShrtPDU circuit openCheck VCU wiringX
PrkLampOpnShrtPark lamp circuit openCheck VCU wiring
PrkPawlOpnShrtPark pawl circuit openCheck VCU wiring
PwrStrOutOpnShrtPower steering circuit openCheck VCU wiring
RangeLowWarningRange lowCharge VehicleX
RevLampOpnShrtReverse lamp circuit openCheck VCU wiring
RevLightOpnShrtReverse light circuit openCheck VCU wiringX
SDUHVILFaultTesla motor HVIL faultXLevel 2
TeslaSDUMotor_Aux_TempMsgTimeoutTesla motor CAN message timeout
TeslaSDUMotor_feedback_1MsgTimeoutTesla motor CAN message timeout
TeslaSDUMotor_Feedback_2MsgTimeoutTesla motor CAN message timeout
ThermistorACTempFltCharging port AC positive tempature faultXCharge Disable
ThermistorDCNegTempFltCharging port DC negative tempature faultXCharge Disable
ThermistorDCPosTempFltCharging port DC positive tempature faultXCharge Disable
VCCUGenErrFltVehicle charge control unit faultXCharge Disable
VectorVCVCCU_ChargeToVehicleMsgTimeoutVector CAN message timeoutX
VectorVCVCCU_ControlPilotStatusMsgTimeoutVector CAN message timeoutX
VectorVCVCCU_InletStatusMsgTimeoutVector CAN message timeoutX
VectorVCVCCU_InletStatus2MsgTimeoutVector CAN message timeoutX
VectorVCVCCU_PTC0MsgTimeoutVector CAN message timeoutX
VectorVCVCCU_PTC1MsgTimeoutVector CAN message timeoutX
VectorVCVCCU_PTC2MsgTimeoutVector CAN message timeoutX
Vector CAN message timeoutX
VectorVCVCCU_V2G_EVSEStatusMsgTimeoutVector CAN message timeoutX
VectorVCVCCU_V2G_StateMMsgTimeoutVector CAN message timeoutX
VoltageSensorIVT_Msg_Result_U3MsgTimeoutCAN message timeout
VoltageSensorOpnShrtVoltage sensor circuit openCheck VCU wiringXX
XDRPVoltHivoltage to VCU is too highX
XDRPVoltInptHivoltage to VCU is too highX
XDRPVoltInptLovoltage to VCU is too lowX
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