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Ampere EV’s Atom Drive EV Conversion System on Display in 1986 Porsche 911 at Electrify Expo!

Dawsonville, GA—Spring is in the air and show season is heating up! Ampere EV is exhibiting at Electrify Expo Long Beach May 20th-21st in the festival’s Showoff Pavilion, a section dedicated to EV enthusiasts, and will debut a gorgeous 1986 Porsche 911 Carrera built by The Current Exchange that was converted from ICE to EV using Ampere EV’s Atom Drive System.

The Current Exchange 911

Porsche conversion specialist The Current Exchange converted the 1986 Carrera to BEV with Ampere EV’s Atom Drive System


The Atom Drive System is fully calibrated, and plug & play. Safety features are integrated, fast charging is supported, and everything is visible through the included 8-inch touchscreen.

This was the first time that The Current Exchange co-founder Martine Prouty installed an Atom Drive System.

“From the beginning design phase to the smallest wiring detail, Ampere EV has been there to see that our projects are a success. After searching for an EV engineering partner for over a year, both domestically and internationally, we knew we found a match when we met Ampere at SEMA and they had a working, fully engineered system. Not only was their system available for sale and delivered when they said it would be, it was the only system we could find that offers thermal management, custom software and controls, touch-safe HV connectors, NEW battery cells and a warranty – just like the big OEMs. Ampere EV delivered on the quality system that they said they would, and they’ve been amazing partners for our R&D and launch phases,” stated Prouty.

Classic Meets Modern

The Current Exchange retained all of the visual and tactile elements that define the Porsche 911 experience, and updated it with modern conveniences and technology, much of which is possible thanks to the Atom Drive’s System’s ability to control and work with ancillary vehicle systems like air conditioning, heating, vacuum and lighting.

Ready to Install

Features include but are not limited to fully calibrated systems that require no additional programming or mapping, advanced safety features for the high voltage system, system diagnostics, software updates, proprietary battery packs in modular form (42 or 84 kWh), CCS (Combined Charging System) fast charging, an eight-inch touchscreen interface, air conditioning and power steering.

See the car live at Electrify Expo in Long Beach, CA! Ampere EV will be exhibiting in Booth 220 in the new Showoff Pavilion of Electrify Expo, a section dedicated to EV performance and styling. Tickets are available at Electrify Expo!

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